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What you'll need: - 1 teaspoon of (cocoa, tumeric, cinnamon, spirulina or any other colourful spice/health food powder you have) - 1 tablespoon of water - 1 to 2 teaspoons of flour Method: - add 1 teaspoon of powder of your choice into a plastic cup with 1 tablespoon of water mix it until the clumps go away. - add 1 teaspoon of flour at a time mixing it thoroughly. If the mixture seems too runny add another teaspoon and mix it well. Tag us if you get a chance to try this at home! @ajandhenny

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BLOG 2: BAKING SODA + 4 variations!!

Hello lovely people!  Last week I showed you how to make your own indicator & how it changes colours. At the end of that experiment Mr. 2 started to mix the base (baking soda) with the lemon & voila we had a completely new experiment!  So i thought I'd share that experiment with you and show you different variations of it! What you need: - red cabbage juice (see previous blog post on how to make it) - baking soda in small dish or coconut bowl - lemon or vinegar  Steps: - Add baking soda to the three plastic cups with the red cabbage already in them. - then add the lemon or vinegar!  Watch them bubble away!!   Variation...

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An easy introduction to chemistry (unless you are my husband who has asked me a million questions about acids and bases lol) Find everything you need at home!! Watch the indicator (red cabbage) change colour as you add an acid (lemon or vinegar) or a base (bicarb soda). We started by prepping the indicator: - We cut about half of the cabbage and added enough boiling water to just cover all the leaves in a pot - let it sit over night - using a strainer pour the liquid into an old glass jar/container. The liquid should be purple like the leaves. - pour the liquid into 3 plastic cups about half way. - place bicarb soda into a bowl...

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