BLOG 2: BAKING SODA + 4 variations!!

Hello lovely people! 

Last week I showed you how to make your own indicator & how it changes colours.

At the end of that experiment Mr. 2 started to mix the base (baking soda) with the lemon & voila we had a completely new experiment! 

So i thought I'd share that experiment with you and show you different variations of it!

What you need:

- red cabbage juice (see previous blog post on how to make it)

- baking soda in small dish or coconut bowl

- lemon or vinegar 


- Add baking soda to the three plastic cups with the red cabbage already in them.

- then add the lemon or vinegar! 

Watch them bubble away!!


Variation 2:

Baking soda in chalk


- mix baking 2 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 crushed chalk (do this individually with different chalk colours). If the colour is to dull add another chalk.

- place vinegar or lemon into a small dish

- set this up in a tray and place a pippette with it.

note: I didn't add enough baking soda in my trial so make sure to add enough to create more fizz!!

Variation 3:

Baking soda & Citrus fruits!


- cut citrus fruits in half

- place them in a tray with baking soda in a small bowl

- add some small measuring spoons

- show your minis how to poke and squeeze the fruits to get the juices out

- get them to mix the baking soda inside the fruits and poke and squeeze them to create the fizz!

Variation 4: 

The simple version! Baking soda + lemon or vinegar! This one is always a hit!


- Place either the baking soda in a plastic cup or the vinegar!

- If you place the baking soda in the cup first use a pipette to put vinegar or lemon on top of it! This is great for your child to work on their pincer grip!

- If you decided to put the vinegar in the cup when you prepare the experiment place a small measuring spoon for your mini to put the baking soda into the vinegar! 

note: you can substitute the vinegar with lemon & vise versa!

That's it for today!

I hope you love this experiment & all its variations!!

Next week I will be putting up a recipe for natural paint that you can make at home! I was meant to upload it today but I just wanted to test a few more recipes to perfect the best one for you guys to try!! 

If you try this at home tag me @ajandhenny