An easy introduction to chemistry (unless you are my husband who has asked me a million questions about acids and bases lol)

Find everything you need at home!!
Watch the indicator (red cabbage) change colour as you add an acid (lemon or vinegar) or a base (bicarb soda).

We started by prepping the indicator:

- We cut about half of the cabbage and added enough boiling water to just cover all the leaves in a pot

- let it sit over night

- using a strainer pour the liquid into an old glass jar/container. The liquid should be purple like the leaves.

- pour the liquid into 3 plastic cups about half way.

- place bicarb soda into a bowl (we have used a small coconut bowl for this step) & place a teaspoon inside.

- squeeze lemon ( or vinegar) place the lemon in a container that is easy for your child to pour on their own. We have used an old spice shaker as it fits easily into a child's hand, a small jug or kids cup would also work well.

- place water into another bowl/container with a spoon. This will be the neutral result.

- if you have a tray place all of these into it and set it up somewhere the child can access on their own like a small table. 

 Before my son started I slowly described the steps:

To see best results we wanted to add the acid, base & water into seperate cups.

The base should turn blue 

The acid should turn red 

The water should remain purple.


When this was done my son began to explore the experiment and we ended up with another experiment altogether!

I'll upload more information on that this next week!

Thank you for reading!

I hope your little's love this experiment!!